1000 and one Capoeira Carioca

It is important to understand that there never has been any 'official' Capoeira Carioca; with standardized curriculum of techniques.

On the contrary, both the techniques and the overall level of understanding were different according to the place, historical epoch and probably also the level of individual masters.

Only then we can understand why in ODC's book(1904) there are Negacas; but technique-wise, there are only simple palm and fist strikes and a straight kick; and why on the other hand, in Kalixto(1906) and Moraes Filho(1901) there is no notion of Negacas; but there is a lot of 'bizzare' techniques such as Cocada, Clube X or Rasteira a cacador.

Only then it makes sense why Burlamaqui(1928) does not mention any kick similar to Meia lua de compasso; while in Moraes Filho(1906) and Placido de Abreu(1886) there is one.

Bahian capoeira was probably differentiated in the same way - according to the knowledge and preferences of individual Mestres, often geographically isolated.


This is why my project of Carioca documentation is so unique: Because probably for the first time in history it puts together the forgotten techniques from all different versions of Carioca (and partially also of old Bahian capoeira) into one unit; and gives their analysis and theory.


















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