What are these 'advanced Carioca' techniques?

Recently, I started posting a new series of techniques on my youtube account, called 'Advanced Carioca'. What exactly are these?

These are the advanced versions of the basic techniques that are discussed in my 'Second book of capoeiragem'. Their principle are almost always the same as in the basic techniques (seen in the 'book one', which is this website together with the original videos); the difference is that the advanced versions are done using more advanced leg mechanics (RubberLegs mostly), which makes them a lot more powerful.

Therefore, be careful when training them - not only you can hurt yourself if your body is not trained enough; but they almost always hurt the opponent more than the basic version. That might mean KO from throws(RubberLegs Rapa); crippling injury(RubberLegs Bau); or even death(RubberLegs Low Rasteira).

Still, these are the pinnacle of old Carioca; real weapons of the old fighting system, showcasing what human body can do, combat-wise. Of course, you first have to master the basic versions from book one before you attempt those.

As noted, the videos are intended as a companion to my 'Second book of capoeiragem' which contains the details of their principles and usage. This is why they do not have accompanying articles on this page (unlike the techniques from book one).



















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