What are animal archetypes?

In my videos and articles, there are references to animal archetypes; such as Crane mechanics, Snake mechanics or LightLegs. What are these?

These are ways to describe human movement; they correspond to the states of human nerve system, so they are universal; however, I will not go into details here.
It suffices to say that animal archetypes allow me to describe precisely what movement has to be done to apply a technique. Often, outwardly similar movement with a different archetype has a totally different effect.

For example, if you try to do cabecada solta using Dragon archetype, the technique fails; it must be done using a Tiger archetype to take the opponent down. The archetypes are discrete; that means, you cannot be 'a bit Tiger, a bit Dragon'; you are either switched into Tiger or Dragon.

Finally, archetypes apply for the whole body; so you cannot have 'left arm Tiger, right arm Crane'. Again, this is too deep to get into detail.

Some of the common archetypes are Tiger, Dragon, Leopard, Crane, Snake, Monkey or Rooster. Important for capoeiragem(and fighting in general) is also Seduction1 modificator and LightLegs.


When there is in the description of Rasteira 'Use Snake for the pull, Crane for the throw', it means you have to equip Snake archetype and do the pull; then switch into Crane mechanics and to the throw. Otherwise, the Rasteira will not work.


I invented animal archetype theory because it is the only way you can accurately describe capoeiragem techniques (and human movements in general). I do not claim to be the first one who discovered the animal archetypes; the old Chinese masters of kungfu certainly had the same knowledge (hence there exist Tiger systems or Dragon systems of kungfu).

However, as far as I know, I am the first one who put this system to print, and certainly the first one in the west. I have the human archetype system analyzed to a great detail; I will probably publish my findings later. So far, I only publish as much as is needed to understand capoeiragem techniques.



















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