How to kick a true Armada

As noted in my article, a proper Armada must be:
-done with LightLegs
-and (thus) kicked from the back leg

Only then is the kick usable in combat! The way Armada is done in modern capoeira - without LightLegs - is of course useless for any real fighting; because it can be seen from mile's distance.

But the original Armada was a fighting kick(one of the three main kicks of the old Bahian capoeira)!

As explained in the article, LightLegs gives Armada a Quickstart; thus reducing its telegraph.
However, to execute a proper Armada this way is not completely easy. Here is how you do it:

-Step back with your right leg in ginga (Monkey+Seduction1)
-Equip LightLegs; compress your weight into your right toes.
-This unweights your left leg; so you can lift it up and rotate it 180 degrees rightward. At the same time, start rotating the torso.
-Land your left foot on the ground(heel towards the opponent) and keep spinning the body, swinging your right leg to hit the opponent.

Of course, there is no lifting of arms, as people do in modern capoeira; this would again give the kick a big telegraph.

This is how you do a proper Armada; and this is how Armada was done in the old Bahian capoeira.

If you look at the way ginga was done in the old Bahian capoeira, you will see that there was a slight lifting on the front leg between each forward step. This was to hide mldf and armada; reducing the telegraph even more!















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