Mestre Bimba's Nemer style - an introduction

As I wrote in my article "1000+1 capoeira Carioca", there never has been only one strictly defined style of Carioca; instead, different times and places had their own styles of Carioca. And this applies also to Bahian capoeira.

Recently, I found out one more very interesting style of capoeira - the original style of Mestre Bimba, which I started to call 'Nemer style', because its most distinguishing feature is the use of Nemer archetype.

This is not the old Bahian capoeira; neither it is modern Regional; but it is not even the old Regional, as passed on for example by Filhos de Bimba! This is a very special style of capoeira that was, as far as I know, only used by Bimba himself; as he was apparently unable or unwilling to pass it onto his students (it is possible that some of his students actually learned the style; but your certainly cannot find anything about it in accessible materials).

It is the style that made him 'king of capoeira'; the style he used to win fights("Mestre Bimba challenges all Bahian fighters!") and capoeira games. It is also a style that is not seen today; and style with many interesting combat techniques (mostly using the Nemer archetype).

Therefore, I decided to research and document Bimba's Nemer style too; you will find my research published on my pages in this section.


What is the core of Bimba's Nemer style?

First, it consists of the basic level of old Bahian capoeira; centered mostly round LightLegs kicks, Aus, Bahian rasteiras and cabeçadas; tactically, jabkicks and counters.

However, Bimba added his own techniques that use Nemer archetype:
-Nemer ginga
-special system of evasions and counters
-hand attacks and cabeçadas
-and other techniques that use Nemer mechanics

Therefore, laconically speaking, Bimba's Nemer style is the combination of LightLegs and Nemer.


Mestre Bimba's Nemer style is not just some oddity of capoeira history; it is a self-standing capoeiragem style with many interesting features; a true gem.


















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