Bimba's Negativa takedown

Now let us look at another technique of the Nemer capoeira of Bimba; Negativa.

I already noted that Bimba used Negativa because it is a natural evade from his Nemer ginga. That much is certain.

However, these is one missing detail about Negativa. If you look at Bimba's sequences, you can see Negativa used as a takedown, similarly to a Bahian rasteira - the extended leg is used to pull opponent's standing leg and take him down.

However, if you tried that for real(I did), you might have noticed that the pull is quite weak; you just king of bend your extended leg. It is certainly not a powerful technique. So it is commonly thought that Bimba used that only for teaching beginners.

But we already know from experience that Bimba placed into the sequences stuff he really used and that was powerful(see Godeme, Arrastao, Arpao de Cabecada, Meia lua e Armada, Nemer Cocorinha); the only problem is that he often used his special touch that his students were usually unable to replicate.

Is it the same case with Negativa takedown?

Yes, it is. Again, Nemer is the key here. After dropping low to right Negativa and hooking opponent's standing leg with your right leg, switch into Nemer; and then turn completely rightward, jumping upward onto both hands, turning as in Bahian rasteira and pulling upward and forward. Boom!

This is the real Bimba's Negativa derrubando! It is almost as powerful as a Bahian Rasteira; however, it must be done using Nemer.

It is certainly not the weak pull with your leg people like to show as 'Negativa takedown'!


So this is the secret behind Bimba's Negativa - by using Nemer, he could turn it into a real takedown; something completely different front the 'takedown' that is taught today. And again, he left us a clue to this in his teaching sequences.


Compare it with another Bimba's evade - Nemer Cocorinha; which naturally turns into a Bahian rasteira.




















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