The (small) mystery of the original 6th sequence

Now that we have decyphered other Bimba's sequences, only problematic one remains: The sixth one, with MLDC.

Let us recapitulate what is going on: Player A throws a MLDC; player B ducks into Cocorinha, then throws his own MLDC as a counter; player A ducks into Cocorinha.

What happens from that point on differs according to the source. In some sources, the sequence ends here(Nestor capoeira); in other sources, knee kick to the face is used, and the sequence finishes as usual (Filhos de Bimba: Negativa, Au, cabeçada, Role).

However, the most interesting source - Mestre Decanio - uses cabeçada to counterattack the second MLDC.


Can we find out what exactly had Bimba in mind when he designed this sequence, by using our knowledge of his Nemer capoeira? It turns out we can.

First, the Cocorinha in this sequence(and in any other sequence) should be Nemer Cocorinha. From Nemer Cocorinha, it is natural to throw MLDC as a counter; from normal Cocorinha, it is not so natural (I would also say unnatural).

Second, if we use Nemer Cocorinha to evade, what another counterattack is natural from it? With little experimentation, it is easy to see it is the Rising Bahian cabeçada (not the Straight one as in sequence 5 or against the Au).

It is very probable that this is the original cabeçada in this sequence, so it matches the description given by Mestre Decanio.

What is more, it would meant that Rising Bahian cabeçada would be present in Bimba's teaching sequences, while normally it is unexplicably missing (while it was a common counter in Bahian cabeçada).

So my partial conclusion is: Use Nemer Cocorinha in sixth sequence; and use Rising Bahian cabeçada as a counterattack from it (as per Mestre Decanio's description).


However, there remains still a question: How do you escape the cabeçada while just arriving from MLDC?

Here, we have to use special trick of old Regional: Just switch the MLDC into Dom Eagle archetype; this makes you bend your standing leg, arch backward and drop down into kind-of role, escaping the cabeçada. Mestre Decanio calls this 'MLDC com role'. However, this technique needs the MLDC to use LightLegs!



The proper form of  Bimba's sixth sequence is as described by Mestre Decanio: Use Rising Bahian cabeçada to counterattack and Role to evade. However, you have to execute Cocorinhas using Nemer; and MLDC using LightLegs.

Player A  Player B
MLDC -> Cocorinha into
Cocorinha into <-  MLDC
Rising Bahian cabeçada -> escape with role

This teaches the player to counterattack from Nemer Cocorinha using MLDC and Rising Bahian cabeçada; and escape using MLDC com role.



















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