What are 'evil techniques'?

When people hear 'evil technique', they think they hear 'powerful technique'. But this is a great intelectual misconception that evil things are powerful (and powerful things are evil).

In fact, some very evil techniques are not particularly powerful; and many powerful techniques are not evil.

Cocada is very powerful, it can kill the opponent by breaking his neck. However, it is not evil, as it can be used for a good purpose.

On the other hand, Chapeu-de-couro only makes the opponent crap his pants. However, it is evil, as it cannot be used for any good purpose.


God is the most powerful; yet He is also the most good; there is no evil in him.

And many people who are outwardly evil are not as powerful as you imagine they are.

Evil is just evil; it is not powerful, just evil; as a rotten egg is not powerful, just rotten.

Evil is also not sexy; but I guess it would be even harder to make people realize this.


Techniques in this section are evil. What does it mean?

It means that they might be colorful and interesting; but you should not use them.

Learn about them for the sake of learning, but do not attempt to put them into practice.

They are the rotten parts of old capoeiragem.




















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