Carioca fundamentals: LightLegs archetype

LightLegs are one of the fundamental mechanic archetypes of old Carioca. They give your lower body an unparalelled elasticity and nimbleness. This is the basic training method:

1) Stand with your feet together; knees straight (locked out).Without bending your knees(!!!), try to jump up. Normally, this would be impossible as you only can use your feet to push up.

2) Nevertheless, keep trying until you are able to jump without bending the knees; keeping them locked out; boucing like a rubber toy.

If you managed to jump up like that, you just used LightLegs; LightLegs is a special way to use your lower body that makes your legs light and springy like two springs.

Experiment with the above exercise until you are able to feel what exactly changes in your body when you use LightLegs. Gradually, you should be able to turn LightLegs on and off at will.

3) Now try a front kick(Bencao/Pe de panzina). First, kick normally. Then, try to switch to LightLegs and do the same kick. It should be a lot faster and more elastic.

Again, experiment until you are able to switch to LightLegs and back at will.

4) Congratulations! Now you can use LightLegs; you have made first step on the way to master old Carioca. Now you can try all LightLegs techniques on my site to get even better understanding of this archetype.





















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