Carioca fundamentals: Nemer

Nemer is a modificator(archetype) that you put 'over' another archetype. Its basic function is to mask(hide) your intentions. This can be used in martial arts to create a 'cold start'; where you execute your techniques without telegraphing them, so they are very hard to block. But there are also other uses (see my technique database).


To train it, start with proper Bahian ginga(Monkey+Seduction1), guarda alta.

Then, concentrate on trying to hide your intentions as much as you can. Gradually, your ginga should start to change into a singular side-to-side, twisty ginga.

This is Nemer ginga; ginga with Nemer archetype on.

Train by switching from normal ginga to Nemer ginga and back; until you are able to isolate the Nemer archetype and use it for another techniques too.



Note that we only use Nemer ginga as a suitable training method; it was probably not used in Carioca as such.


Nemer ginga was probably used by Mestre Bimba. His whole system that I call 'Nemer system' is built upon using Nemer modificator.


Important warning: Do not ever use Nemer archetype outside the realm of combat training/capoeira. It is spiritually dangerous.

In normal life, Nemer is used by charlatans, fakes and hustlers to, well, hide their intentions so they can fool people. This might be considered a good practice in the 'malandro culture' that is sometimes associated with capoeira; but it will make a bad person out of you. Do not do it. You have been warned.




















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