Carioca fundamentals: Peneiraçao.

Peneiraçao is the basic movement of old Carioca. It looks exotic to modern eye; however, it is nothing more than ginga with added LightLegs.

However, the ginga must be done properly, as in old Bahian capoeiragem, using Monkey+Seduction! Modern ginga is wrong and will not work like that.

There are two types of Peneiraçao, differing by the position of your hands: High guard and low guard.

For High guard Peneiraçao, simply do proper Ginga with guarda alta; and add LightLegs.

For Low guard Peneriçao, simply do proper Ginga with guarda baixa; and add LightLegs.

(Ginga can be also done with guarda media; but this version does not have Peneiraçao counterpart; there is no Guarda media Peneiraçao).


The hand positions(guardas) have an important tactical purpose; but I will describe that in my book on high-level capoeiragem.


For sake of completedness, let us say you can also do Peneiraçao with LightSkills (Nemer+LightLegs) instead of just LightLegs; and indeed, this is the way it was done by the best capoeiras. However, this is a higher-level concept and will be dealt with in my book.




















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