Fundamentals: Rooting archetype

Rooting is a special way to use your legs; analogical to LightLegs. However, while LightLegs make your legs springy and light, Rooting makes them heavy and absorbing, like wet sand.

1) Stand in a horse stance, as in the video. Then try jumping and rotating at least 90 degrees.

2) Without Rooting, you will be unable to launch from both legs and land on both legs in a stable stance. You will probably just jump from one leg and land very unstably.

3) Keep trying until you are able to jump elegantly from both feet at once and land in a stable stance. Your legs will feel heavy and relaxed, yet absorbing, like wet sand. This is Rooting.

4) Keep experimenting until you can turn Rooting both on and off at will.


Okay, I cheated a little here. Rooting by itself is not used in Capoeira. However, it is very important in eastern martial arts (old kungfu and karate) and it is one of the cornerstones of advanced body mechanics.

And from Rooting, you can progress to Smilodon movements which are some of the most advanced of capoeiragem.





















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