Grab neutralization techniques of old Capoeiragem

As noted, being grabbed was a bad situation for the old capoeira; as the core tactics of the art would not work from there.

But there still existed ways to break opponent's grip and counterattack; all of them using types of nerve manipulations. Let us list the ones I know here:

1)Bimba's Nemer system:
-Chega pra la (causes nerve disruption and pushes the opponent away)

2)Old Bahian capoeira:
-Straight Bahian cabecada (a slight squat causes a nerve disruption - and is finished with a cabecada to the chest, sealing the breath)
-Calcanheira (causes a nerve disruption/nerve strangle; finishes with backhandspring kick)
-Pastinha's Eagle claws (nerve confuser, finishes with arm-spread cabecada)

-Clube X into Chincha (nerve disruption to sealing the breath and takedown)
-Fallback throw (nerve strangle as you fall back and flipkick the opponent over you)

(see the proper articles on details of these techniques)



















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