How to train RubberLegs techniques

As noted, RubberLegs versions of Carioca techniques are dangerous; they at least knock the opponent out, often injuring him or even killing him. So how do you train these techniques?

Quite simply: In training, you use normal versions so you do not injure your training partner.

However, you also solo train RubberLegs versions, so you can substitute them for normal techniques in a real fight.

This is actually more clever than it appears; the key is that RubberLegs version is in fact the same technique, the same archetype, for your body and nerve system as the normal version, only modified by the RubberLegs.

So it is not as if you are training one technique so you can use completely different technique in a real fight (which would not work); you use the same technique, tactically and neurally, just using 'second gear' that gives it more power.


















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