Which martial art today teaches LightLegs?

A reader (Lamar) asked me which martial art is 'closest to teaching LightLegs kicks today'. I answered:

"I do not know of any official martial art that teaches the concept of LightLegs today.

Perhaps some old-school kungfu masters teach it as a part of light skills (qinggong) training, but that is quite rare by itself.

Then of course some people who are 'gifted' do LightLegs naturally; but since they do not know the theory, they cannot teach it. I was able to do some LightLegs kicks in capoeira before I understood the concept. But I did not understand what I was doing and what it meant; just that some of my kicks were 'light' and harder to react to.

As far as I understand, Mestre Bimba was like that. He could definitely do LightLegs kicks - that was part of what made him such a good fighter - , but was unable to teach it to his students and did not really understand what it meant.

So if you want to train LightLegs today, you must train by yourself. But it is not that hard if you use my material (I even have a LightLegs training video); people over internet were able to learn LightLegs from it and even sent me videos of themselves so I could confirm they indeed learned it."



















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