Bimba's evasions and LightSkills: Queda de tres and Nemer Cocorinha

1) LightSkills Rear queda de tres

As noted in my article on the evasions of Bimba's Nemer system, Bimba probably used Queda de tres as evasion from the back of his Nemer ginga.

However, if you try it out, you will find out it is not the same Queda de tres as done in Carioca from Peneiracao! But let us take it step by step.

Doing Queda de tres from Peneiracao is straightforward(see my article on Carioca evades): You equip LightLegs (or to be precise, keep the LightLegs from the Peneiracao), step forward with your left leg and then fall back on both hands, sweeping your right leg forward.

If your body is conditioned enough, the LightLegs mechanics takes care of the rest.

However, when you try to do it on the back leg of ginga, you will find that this straightforward way does not work - you are more probably going to break your knee (as I found out the hard way).

So what is the trick?

The trick is, as usually, the right mechanics. And Rear queda de tres has a different mechanics from the frontal one. You must keep Nemer from the ginga; and add LightLegs. However, Nemer+LightLegs are not just some archetype combination; it is combination for LightSkills (see my other works for details).

And that is the key for the rear Queda de tres! You must use LightSkills(Nemer+LightLegs) to override your body's righting system; and use it to fall into Queda de tres.

This is a special 'LightSkills' Queda de tres; which requires quite high level of body mechanics; and it was used by Bimba in his Nemer system to evade in the back of Nemer ginga.


To getup from this LightSkills Queda de tres, keep LightSkills on and sweep with your right extended leg leftward and upward, over your left knee; and let the movement carry you into standing.

This movement can either be used as a getup; or as a sweep of opponent's standing leg (as Bimba certainly used it!)

LightSkills falling

There is one more maneuver that is not an evasion in a strick sense. The old capoeiras were adept in falling into 'negativa' when their kicks were swept or when they were thrown.

I believe that in reality, they used LightSkills; and fell into LightSkills Queda de tres.

So when the opponent sweeps your kick, equip LightSkills to disengage your body's righting reflex, and fall softly down on your hands into Queda de tres.


2) LightSkills Cocorinha

If you have studied my materials on Nemer system, you perhaps remember that Nemer Cocorinha also has this archetype combination, Nemer+LightLegs; which means it could also use LightSkills in its execution. However, it seems something as simple as Cocorinha would not benefit from it - or would it?

It shows that it would!

When evading an attack, take full advantage of LightSkills; squat into Nemer Cocorinha and counter.
But thanks to LightSkills overriding the body's self-righting system, it will seem to you (and indeed, to the onlookers) as if you are standing upright; so nimble will the counter attack be.

Generally, the counters from LightSkills Cocorinha will be extremely fast, jumpy and look 'impossible' (unless you use LightSkills).

Let us list them:

-Rising Bahian Cabecada - will jump from both legs right from Cocorinha
-Bencao - again, will jump and strike suddenly into opponent's chest
-Armada - again, you will jump out of the Cocorinha and completele the spin and kick while in the air. However, to avoid the hard landing this brings, you should touch your standing leg to the ground as you fly in the air. This aids stability when landing.
-Bahian rasteira - from Cocorinha, jump directly into the rasteira; that means, you will be in the air with all four limbs momentarily and the rasteira will be quite powerful
-MLDC - after evading in Cocorinha, put both hands on the ground and jump; both legs will fly in the air and complete the MLDC. As with Armada, it will almost be a flying kick; but touch your standing leg to the ground to aid stability.

However, the way these technique fly must be experienced to be believed.


As you can see, two of Bimba's original evasions - Rear queda de tres and Nemer Cocorinha - require LightSkills(Nemer+LightLegs) to be done properly. This makes them quite high-level techniques in terms of body mechanics.

But what is more: Cocorinha, which is usually considered an ugly beginner's evasion, only suffered before the the player learns the 'real esquivas', is in fact the master evasion of Bimba's Nemer system.

Executed using LightSkills, it overrides player's self-righting reflex, thus allowing incredible dextertity in the evasion and follow-up counterattack; it was probably one of the keys to Mestre Bimba's capoeira proficiency.

If you do not use LightSkills while doing it, you have never done the real (Bimba's) Cocorinha!

















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