Meia lua e armada

Meia lua e armada combo - doing MLDF and then directly Armada from it (also present in Bimba's sequence no.1) - is not taught much nowadays; no wonder, because in modern capoeira, it does not make much sense.

In the old Bahian capoeira, where it was done using LightLegs, however, it was a totally different beast.

Not as much against a trained capoeirista - who could drop down under the MLDF and sweep the Armada with a Low Bahian rasteira; but against a layman, it could be a great weapon.


Because even if he instinctively tried to block the MLDF with his arms, because it was a LightLegs kick, it produced a nerve disruption in him.

And when he was all over the place from the nerve disruption, the Armada came and hit him full power in the head, knocking him out.

So if you use LightLegs, Meia lua e armada is a great technique even today. But you must use LightLegs, of course.

The MLDF, as noted, hits him in the arms and the resulting nerve disruption nails him to the spot; the only way he could escape the immediately following Armada is to drop down, as in old Bahian capoeira; but most people are not trained to do that, so he will eat the (LightLegs) Armada full on; probably knocking him out.

Try this double kick! It is one of the great gems of old Bahian capoeira!



















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