The hierarchy of MLDCs


As described in my article on MLDC (Meia lua de compasso), there exist several ways to do the kick; but only one of them is, strictly speaking, the correct one.

Let us go throught them from the worst to the best one:

1)One-handed or no-handed MLDC

The worst way to do MLDC is to either put just one arm on the floor; or none. This MLDC not only does not use LightLegs, but cannot use it at all.

The slow MLDCs done with a different archetype (Dragon) also belong here, but that does not concern us that much now.

This one is used in modern capoeira.


2)Two-handed MLDC without LightLegs

Second worst way is the common MLDC with both hands on the floor, but without LightLegs. Theoretically, you could do it with LightLegs; but in practice, people do not know how to do it.

This is used in the more traditional capoeira schools.


3)Two-handed MLDC with LightLegs

The better way is MLDC with LightLegs. This makes the kick fast (or to be more precise, gives it a Quickstart), thus making it a real Capoeiragem kick; this was probably used in Bahian capoeira.

However, there is still a problem: Mechanically, the kick is not as effective as it could be; and if you hit a heavy object with it, you can injure the knee of your kicking leg.

You better just use it to hit opponent's head.


4)Two-handed MLDC with LightLegs and Seduction1

The best way to do MLDC is with LightLegs and Seduction1. This makes the kick fast and mechanically efficient; you can kick even a heavy object without problems.

Additionally, it gives you an option to apply a nerve disruption with your butt; and gives the kick a vocalization("Haa!") that makes it more powerful. (And causing a nerve strangle when it hits).

Additionally, this MLDC has the property of LightLegs kicks - it cannot be blocked with opponent's arms (it causes a nerve disruption if he tries).

This MLDC can be used to hit opponent's head, chest or even flank; with very destructive results.

This is the Carioca version.



















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