Nerve attacks in capoeiragem

To recapitulate, there exist three types of nerve attacks, differing by the increasing severity of the disruption of opponent's nerve system:

1)Nerve disruption - a part of opponent's nerve system is disrupted for a moment; the muscles of corresponding bodypart get weak, so you can, for example, take him down easily. Example: Calcadeira

2)Nerve strangle - opponent's whole nerve system gets short-circuited; he gets dizzy and overall weak for about a second or two. During this period of time, you can manipulate him basically any way you like. Example: Tranco

3)Nerve confuser - opponent's nerve system gets hit hard; he is disoriented and confused for about 20 seconds. He is almost defenceless, often has to drop on all fours. Example: Bochecho

WARNING: Applying nerve confuser repeatedly can kill the opponent with a nerve shock! When training, always wait before the effect of the previous nerve confuser ends before applying another one! This trick is used in kungfu, where you apply several nerve confusers in a row to kill the opponent. In Capoeira, this is not done; still, be careful around nerve confusers.

All three types of nerve attacks were used in old Capoeiragem. Nerve confusers are quite rare; but we will see them used yet.




















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