Oh no, we have a wrong Peneiracao!


Recently, I found this on youtube:

To sum it up, the author claims that our Peneiracao is 'wrong', because 'Carioca did not have ginga'. Good golly miss Molly, our Peneiracao is wrong, because Carioca did not have ginga! Would you believe it?


Frankly, it is laughable. Our Peneiracao is not something I have dreamed up based on a few spartan descriptions. On the contrary: Peneiracao we do is highly functional; a proper part of an old combat system; in other words, it WORKS, unlike, for example, modern ginga.

Furthermore, Peneiracao is not an isolated movement. It blossoms into all the Carioca techniques that are otherwise hard to execute.
So our Peneiracao is also proven right by being a part of the whole old capoeira system. It if was wrong, all the other techniques of old Carioca would not work from it.

Just this - that we have tested extensively all the old techniques in conjunction with Peneiracao - should put my word above that of any internet 'capoeira philosopher' that only read a few old descriptions and thinks he knows it all.

Additionally, there is the 'surprising' fact that Peneiracao has the same archetype as (proper) Ginga, just using LightLegs; so it is something you would naturally come up with if you tried to ginga in a mass battle.

So I personally have zero doubts about our Peneiracao being 'the right Peneiracao'.


However, for the benefit of my readers, let us see a few historical pictures to erase any doubts they might have:

(Note I did not pose the pictures, I just took them from our videos that are already on youtube for months)

(Peneiraçao by Kalixto Cordeiro, 1906  vs Peneiraçao from our "Capoeiragem walk" video)


(Peneiraçao, engraving from 19th century vs Peneiracao from our "Fundamentals: Peneiracao" video - don't mind the slap jab, I cannot be bothered to take another video)



(Cyriaco demonstrates Peneiracao after his famous fight(1909) vs Peneiracao from our "Peneiracao" video)


(Political caricature from 19th century, Peneiracao on the right vs Peneiracao from our "Banda de lado" video)



So tell me: Is that our Peneiracao?

Or are the men on the pictures just "troca de base (mudança da posição das pernas) e o uso das mãos para enganar o adversário." ["switching base (changing the position of the legs) and using the hands to deceive the opponent"] as the author claims?

If they are just switching the base, why oh why are they always drawn with one foot lifted off the ground to the rear?
If they are using 'hands to deceive the adversary', why oh why are their arms often hanging by their waists? (guarda baixa, as I claim?)

Now let us see the description of Peneiracao from 'O cortico' (Azevedo 1890):

"Dar-te um banho de fumaça, galego ordinário! respondeu Firmo, frente a frente; agora avançando e recuando, sempre com um dos pés no ar, e bamboleando todo o corpo e meneando os braços, como preparado para agarrá-lo."

"To give you a 'smoke bath', scoundrel! Firmo answered, face to face; darting back and forth, always one foot in the air, swinging the body and waving the arms as if preparing to grab the opponnent"

Darting back and forth, one leg always in the air, arms swinging as if trying to grasp the adversary...

Tell me: Does it remind you of something? Our Peneiracao perhaps?

Or it is just "switching base(changing the position of the legs) and using the hands to deceive the opponent"?


Ultimately it is up to you, my dear reader.

You can of course believe that there existed some mythical 'real peneiracao', that was completely different from our Peneiracao; that this 'real peneiracao' was extremely combat-effective, yet nobody today can demonstrate it and show you how it looked like (so we could compare it with the old pictures!).

And that for some reason - evil magic perhaps - this 'real peneiracao', which was completely different from our Peneiracao, looks like our Peneiracao on all old drawings.

Or, you can believe our Peneiracao is the only Peneiracao there ever was and all these 'capoeira philosophers' are full of shit.

Take your pick.




PS: It is also ironic that Mestre Camisa - the man responsible for probably the most horrible butchering of capoeira ginga, giving us modern 'Abada ginga' - is cited in the video as an authority on ginga.

Yeah, if you want to have a motherfuckin' stupid ginga, listen to Mestre Camisa, he is surely an expert on that.


For some more Carioca-based embarassement, see this video:


The man clearly thinks that by standing on his hands and extending his legs willy-nilly, he is executing the legendary 'Rabo de arraia' of Carioca (Pantana, in our parlance).


Not only what he shows is not Pantana; it is not even a kick! You can walk right through that shit!


















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