The Pontape dilemma

As I write in my other article, all original real Capoeiragem kicks are done with LightLegs (so they can be used as jabs).

But there is more: All real capoeiragem kicks are designed to take the opponent down the moment they connect.
This is tactically important - because if you don't take the opponent down with your kick, he can grab it and go into wrestling with you - which is against the tactical scheme of capoeiragem.
(The same applies for cabecadas and takedowns in general; but with kicks, it is less obvious).

(You can also see how stupid is the modern practice of throwing your legs in general direction of your opponent in the roda, just to touch him. Unless you know you will take the opponent down, don't throw that leg!)

What does it mean?

That you must take good care when throwing Pontape/Ponteira to make it take the opponent down. (I presume you do it properly with Eagle+LightLegs mechanics).
To recapitulate: Pontape is used to kick either the chin, the solar plexus, or the groin; and it uses a vocalization("Haaaa!"). The result is an organ crusher.

This makes Pontape a perilous kick. If you don't throw it properly (as described above), it doesn't have enough effect and can get you grabbed.
On the other hand, if you DO throw it properly (as described above), you will probably kill or seriously injury your opponent.

Therefore, use and train Pontape carefully; better do not train it at all unless you plan to get into deadly fights.

For straight kicking, use Pe de panzina (Tiger+LightLegs).

As for using Pontape to kick the face/head of an opponent in roda that is close to the ground (or a downed opponent in general): You can do this one, as this is not an organ crusher. (And also does not use vocalization).




















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