Primitive capoeira???

Recently, I stumbled upon a video that tries to demonstrate 'golpes primitivos'  of old capoeira:

Now, to get this off my chest: The video is laughable.

First, all the 'golpes primitivos' they demonstrate are simply wrong. Not a bit wrong; completely wrong. Chincha is wrong, cabecada presa is wrong, pantana is wrong, pantana de lado is wrong, bofetada is wrong, rasteira is wrong, you get the picture.

However, what is essentially laughable about the video is its title. I researched old capoeiragem in detail and I call tell you, the old capoeira was infinitely more sophisticated than the modern capoeira. In fact, it is the modern capoeira that is primitive.

Not only its techniques are primitive compared to the combat tools of the old capoeiragem; but even its body mechanics and tactics are wrong and primitive.

I guess capoeiragem was most sophisticated somewhen (is that a word?) in the second half of 19th century; perhaps even earlier. After that time, it seem capoeiragem started to degenerate. Mestre Bimba tried to combat this degeneration, but even he failed (and I write this with all due respect to Mestre Bimba). The final phase of degeneration was in the 70s-80s, with Senzala, Abada and other associations changing the very mechanics of the ginga and capoeiragem.

Modern capoeira is dull, stiff, technically, mechanically and tactically unsound; it is the true 'primitive capoeira'.





















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