The real banda de costa (and the stupid banda de costa)

As I show in my research, the real Banda de costa was done as described in the technique section; by stepping down behind the opponent, using Eagle mechanics.

But what about the modern 'banda de costa', where you sweep your leg backward as you push opponent chest with your palm?

First, it is improperly named. The rear swipe, done using Rooster mechanics, was called (rear) Raspa and used in Batuque; Banda de costa is what is described above.

Second, the way it is done in modern capoeira is mechanically flawed. The rear Raspa should be done without using hands.


If you push opponent's chest while you sweep, it creates an energetical flaw in the technique. It is enough for the opponent to push with his chest against your palm; this will apply a nerve disruption to your own body.

Just a simple pushback not only makes this 'banda de costa' fail; but also can take the attacker himself down, leaving him open for a counterattack.

This makes the modern 'banda de costa' not only wrong, but also stupid. It is simply a stupid technique that should not be taught.

You should either use the real Banda de costa; or do rear Raspa, but without pushing with your hands!



















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