Old Recife capoeira videos


Unlike Carioca, old capoeiragem from Recife is a lot more ellusive, because unlike about old Carioca, there is precious few materials about its techniques.

Still, using my experience with analysing Carioca and Bahiana, and using my animal archetype theory, I was able to reconstruct some rudiments of Recifean capoeiragem.


And I want to share the results of this highly experimental research with you, my dear reader; because I believe people would like to see something of this mysterious but very interesting Recife capoeira.

Hence my new series of youtube videos on old Recife capoeira. More details will be explained in my Second book of capoeiragem.


Note that while Recife capoeira shares common basic techniques with Carioca (cabecada solta, low rasteira, banda de lado, Carioca mldc...), there are some very interesting distinctions between the two; mostly born from the fact Recifean capoeira uses Combat-passo instead of Peneiracao.

Combat-passo on one hand restricts the choice of capoeiragem techniques; but on the other hand it allows you to do some techniques you cannot do from Peneiracao; and you can even give the techniques a special flair or power-up specific to Recife if you do them from Combat-passo.

So once again, the basic step (Ginga in Bahia, Peneiracao in Rio, Combat-passo in Recife) is the driver.

I will attempt to show you all this in my videos.





















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