Calixto: RubberLegs Low rasteira

Recently, I found this picture:

It was drawn by Calixto Cordeiro; the author of the famous series of drawings of capoeiragem techniques. But this one is pretty rare as I have never seen it before.

The technique depicted on it is of course RubberLegs version of Low Carioca rasteira we have already shown:

But I wanted to share this picture with you; not only to show you that we are on a right path; but so that you can see the effect of the RubberLegs version without having to kill or maim your training partner.

Note the high lift; the standing leg on its toes; palms on the fingers. Unlike in the solo version, your hips do not lift as the energy of the jump goes into the opponent.


You can also compare it with the normal (non-RubberLegs) version of Carioca Low rasteira by the same artist:


Note: The odd crouched position of the opponent in the air on both pictures - in contrast with the way Zbynek falls stretched out in our video - is not a mistake of the artist. This is the effect of applying the Low Carioca rasteira properly in combat, using Emotion inductor: Cover. For details, see my Second book of capoeiragem.



My reader Elias from Rio pointed me to these pictures:

They are from the journal "O Malho", dated 1916 and 1927, respectively.

It is interesting that Low Carioca rasteira was so popular between general populace at the time that it could be shown in caricatures without any further explanation.

Of course, it is still the technique from our video; so you can try making it popular again after 100 years.














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