About 'Razor wire' club

The objective of our club is to study and train the original Capoeiragem Carioca - fighting 'capoeira' (also called 'utilitarian capoeira' by some) that flourished in the 1800-1920 in Rio de Janeiro.

We also study the almost-extinct 'leg wrestling', alternately known as Batuque, Pernada or Samba duro; as it is an important part of the culture of Capoeiragem.

Note that we don't practice 'Carioca' as some kind of addendum to the modern capoeira; instead, what we do is completely distinct and separate from modern capoeira, its own thing. We do not use modern capoeira as a base, neither in technical nor in tactical sense.

We are not directly interested in folclore; our primary area of study is the application of the original techniques of capoeiragem in fighting and self-defense.



We don't practice Capoeiragem and Batuque as folclore; ie as historic, dead artform, interesting because people sometime in the past did it. While historically the Capoeiragem is interesting, we believe in doing it as a live thing.

The most important thing to be able to regard Batuque and Capoeiragem as they should be is to stop regarding them as a show (ie something to be seem) and start regarding them as wrestling (ie something that throws opponent to the ground).

Capoeiragem/Batuque are NOT shows for onlookers! They are wrestling styles; utilized either as a sport (with rules), or as a self-defence.


Further articles of interest:

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