Tiririca paulista

This is something I have been looking for for a long time - Tiririca, from Sao Paulo.


This game is clearly a type of leg-wrestling, a cousin of Batuque and Pernada.

If we are to believe the description of the video, Tiririca is also 'capoeira paulista' - the original (?) capoeira of sao paulo.

[By the way: The rasteira with leg crossed is called 'paulista' still today.]

I hate to repeat myself, but: Savor the mood of this game. Even though it is almost certainly a degenerated version of the original practice, it tells one so much about the spirit of the old wrestling games of Brazil. Take a look at the basic step; at the tricking, at the fakes, finishing with that final rasteira.
It is not hard to imagine adding a leg lift to the frequent turns - thus producing an armada....lifting the rasteira, thus producing meia lua.....all in the spirit of game! Hitting the opponent with an unexpected leg strike!

Tiririca in the 1940's:

[Note how the basic step differs a bit from the traditional Bahian ginga....and so much from the modern ginga!]




















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