Capoeiragem slaps -reference

 It is interesting to note that open hand slap technique has a lot variations in Capoeiragem; they look similar, but are very different - they are done using different archetypes and have different effects (and uses):

1) Slap jab - Eagle+Seduction1 slap - used in Carioca as a jab(External and Internal slap); creates a nerve disruptor when it hits the eye or mouth; damages the eardrum when it hits the ear
2) Heavy slap - Bear+Seduction1 slap - used in old Bahian capoeira and by ODC; when it hits the center of the cheek or back of neck, it causes KO (vocalization:"Haa!")
3) Nemer slap - Nemer Galopante; used by Bimba's Nemer style; when it hits the head, it causes KO; hidden by the Nemer archetype
4) Tiger slap - modern Galopante; this is only a physical strike without any nerve effect; I suggest not using it



















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