41 is a ground version of Flying 41. It is a circular kick somewhat similar to MLDC, but supported on one arm only.

 (41; around 1950)


You must use LightLegs to do it properly.

Stand with your left leg forward. Equip LightLegs. Rotate your left foot extremelly leftward, reach across your body with your right arm; as you jump with both legs, twisting your body in the air. At the same time, spin to your left horizontally.

Your right leg is bent, your left leg is straight, giving the kick its characteristic "4" shape. You curled right leg drills forward into the opponent; this is very important!

In the curled position, land on your right palm and expand your body, swinging both legs. This is a high-energy point('Haaaa!")

Kick opponent's head with your right heel.

This applies a nerve strangle to the opponent; kicks him hard; and throws him on the ground.


41 uses very similar movement as Flying 41, but supported on your right arm.

Also here, the horizontal rotation must be faster than vertical rotation.


Use 41 as a counter.

That means, it is usually launched from the rear position of Peneiracao; or from a Negaca.


41 was quite popular kick in Rio.

It was called 'Rabo de arraia' in the 1950's (for example, by Hermanny); however, as this name is overused in capoeira, we renamed it to 41.



 (41 done in a ring)



 (1951; in the middle, a 41)



41 is not the same kick as 'Meia lua solta':



41 is done using LightLegs; while 'Meia lua solta' just uses Seduction1. This makes it weak; do not use this kick.













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