Açoite de braço


Balao açoitado (also called Açoite de braço) was a shoulder-throw (same as Ippon seoi nage of Judo) used in old Regional: You grab opponent's arm with both hands, turn your back to him and bend over to throw him over your shoulder.

This can be clearly seen in 'Curso de capoeira Regional'; Nestor Capoeira in his book uses the name for fireman's carry; but this is wrong! Fireman's carry is one of the Baloes of Regional and is called 'Açoite de cruz'.

So again: Açoite de braço is a shoulder throw, as Seoi nage of judo.

(Açoite de braço from Curso de Capoeira Regional)


However, there was a trick to Regional Balao açoitado that is not present in judo variant: The throw was applied offensively!

That means, you did not wait for the opponent to throw a punch, then grab his arm etc. (Which is a bad tactics anyway).

Instead, you used a special entry:

Stand in front of the opponent. Equip LightLegs and then quickly turn leftward and bump his pelvis with your buttocks!
This maneuver uses Eagle+Seduction1+LightLegs mechanics and it is a high-energy point("Haaa!").

Done right, this applies a nerve disruption to the opponent; but also makes him automatically stick his right arm out over your shoulder!
So you can immediately grab it with both hands and apply the shoulder throw.

This is the true Balao açoitado of Regional.

You must enter and bump quite low under his pelvis with your buttock for the technique to work.

This key is to force the opponent to extend his arm above your shoulder; this is done by the means of the nerve disruption.
However, for it to work, it must be done using LightLegs and the vocalization!


The above entry allowed Açoite de braco to be used in roda. Tactically, the technique was probably used as a jab.

This buttock-bumping entry is not done today; probably because it requires a complex mechanics (LightLegs), which modern capoeira does not understand.


In the article 'Os negros lutam suas lutas misteriosas;Bimba é o grande rei negro do misterioso rito africano' by Ramagem Badaró(1944), Bimba fakes an attack on his opponent 'by turning as if trying to do Balao açoitado'; it clearly was this technique. (It was from this article that I first got the hint that Balao açoitado was done offensively).

This technique was certainly done in old Regional (Nemer system); but it is probable that it pre-dates Regional and was used in the old Bahian capoeira.


Bimba probably later renamed it 'Açoite de braço' (arm whip). In Regional, it is done as balao (the opponent turns in the air and lands on his feet); it was probably also used that way in old Bahian capoeira.


















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