Bau is a simple but effective takedown, where you use your pelvis to bump against opponent's pelvis, taking him down.


Equip LightLegs; put your legs together and jump, hitting opponent's pelvis with your own pelvis from the front; taking him down (Dom Horse+LightLegs mechanics).


LightLegs are important; without LightLegs, Bau lacks the power to take the opponent down and becomes just a simple belly bump.



Bau might look funny; but done right, it is an interesting trick of body mechanics; and it can also be used as an unexpected takedown in a fight.

Bau is used as a guardbreaker. When the opponent is in an on-guard stance, check his arms with your hands; and then suddenly launch a Bau into his stomach from close range; taking him down.
You can the continue with a stomp kick; or a quick escape.


- Bau is described as one of the techniques of Carioca by Burlamaqui(1928)

- Edison Carneiro lists Bau as one of the techniques of Batuque

- Even Mestre Bimba lists Bau as one of the techniques he 'added to capoeira'.

- Bau is/was one of the popular movement in Afro-brazilian culture



















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