Cabeçada presa

"Presa" means grabbed in portuguesse. This is a cabeçada that is done when you can grab opponent's hand from his guard. It hits opponent's chin.

This is a photo of Mestre Bimba demonstrating cabeçada presa; it is also probably the technique he used in the fight/jogo with 'Creole'. Note that this technique comes from old Regional, and was probably not popular in Carioca. However, it is a nice old capoeiragem technique, so we introduce it here.

The proper mechanic archetype of this cabeçada is again Tiger. As noted, you apply it when you get close to opponent's guard; in other words, it is a guardbreaker.

It must be applied diagonally: Start from opponent's right side; grab his right wrist with your left hand; then step across him with your right leg behind his left leg.

As you step, extend your left arm, twisting his right arm and forcing him to bend backward. Use this position to throw a headbutt with the top of your head into his chin, twisting your head a bit to the side.

If you do it properly, then opponent falls down on his back; ie this is a takedown (as are most cabeçadas).


-As with cabeçada solta (Tiger), the main impact of this cabeçada is when the opponent is slammed on the ground. Done with power, it will knock the wind out of him.

-This headbutt is not a lifting or curved one; it is a sinking one.

-It is important to step diagonally across the opponent; do not step straight into him!

-You will know that you do it properly when the opponent falls down. You do not have to strike hard; just use the correct mechanics to take him down.

-As with most other cabeçadas, once it connects, opponent's arms get locked to the sides, so he cannot attack you even with an edged weapon.




















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