Calçadeira is an interesting type of takedown from old Carioca; it uses nerve disruption as its main principle.

(a picture from "O nosso jogo", Raul Pederneiras, 1926)

This is a special banda; as what throws the opponent here is not the physical movement, but a nerve disruption. Nerve disruption is a combat technique where you disrupt opponent's nerve system, causing certain muscles groups to go weak. (For more details about nerve disruptors, see my books on kungfu).


Calçadeira uses Snake mechanics.

The opponent stands with his left leg forward. You step very close and block his rear (right) leg, a bit above the heel, with your right foot (use the bottom of the foot).

At the same time, press his chest backward with your right palm.

Together, this will make the opponent arch back a bit; which is the key to this technique. This will apply a postural nerve disruptor; opponent's nerves get disrupted and his muscles are so weak he can barely stand.

Take advantage of this by stepping forward with your right leg and pushing with your right palm, taking him down.


The key to this technique is the nerve disruption that is applied when you block opponent's rear heel and press his chest, arching him. What makes the opponent easy to throw here is not your physical force, but his own muscles going weak and unable to support him. That is why you can throw him using a very little force.

Without the proper nerve disruption, this technique is impossible to apply (it works only by accident/force). Don't try to 'judo-throw' it.


This technique is applied close against opponent's on-guard position; in other words, tactically, it is a guard-breaker.


This technique was called 'Calçadeira' - a shoehorn; probably for the way it scrapes the back of opponent's heel.






















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