Chest smasher cabeçada

This is another type of cabeçada solta; this one hits opponent's chest in a smashing motion.


Use Tiger mechanics. When the opponent attacks and his chest is open, press his stomach with your left forearm, as you throw a downward smashing strike with your forehead into his chest.

The opponent falls to the ground.



- This cabeçada is used when the opponent has his chest exposed.

- The pressing with the forearm is essential; it blocks the opponent from evading the power of your cabeçada by arching backward; so he has to fall down.

- As with all proper cabeçadas, this one also locks his arms to the sides, so he cannot gouge you or attack you with an edged weapon.

- The main impact of the technique is when opponent's back hits the ground.

- Tactically, this is a counter.

- This technique comes from old Regional.





















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