Chibata was a kick mostly associated with old Bahian capoeira; but I believe it was used in Rio too.

(Chibata done in Angola roda, 1948. Note how the other capoeirista blocks it with his hands)


First, true Chibata is not what is depicted in Nestor's 'Little capoeira book' under that name; a true Chibata has both hands on the floor so you can use LightLegs.

Here is how you do Chibata, using Tiger+LightLegs mechanics:

Bend over and equip LightLegs; then spin leftward, putting both hands on the ground; dragging your right leg after your body, kicking into the back of opponent's head. This is a high-energy point("Haa!").

This produces a nerve strangle and smashes the opponent down.


As noted, both hands have to be on the ground; otherwise, you cannot use LightLegs; and the kick does not have the nerve strangle effect.

The target is the back of opponent's head or neck.


In Rio, it was probably called 'Pião' (spinning top), because of the way the opponent spins around when struck in the back of the head with the kick (like the spinning top does when struck with the whip).

This is kind-of related to the name it was given in Bahian, Chibata (whip).


Note that even while Chibata is a LightLegs kick, it can still be blocked with hands (without causing a nerve disruption).




















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