Cruz de carreira

"Folga negro, branco nao vem cá. Sier vier, Cruz há de levar." 
     "Have fun, negro, the whites won't come here. If they do, they will get smashed by Cruz" (a funny part of an old batuque song)

Cruz de carreira is another old Batuque banda.

(Cruz done by Mestre Bimba)

Step close to the standing opponent and using your right thigh, bump the back of his left thigh upward (Rooster mechanics). This will throw his left leg upward; immediately catch it in the bend of your left arm; as you introduce your right arm in front of his torso.

Then put your right foot behind his standing (right) leg, and using Snake mechanics, at the same time lift with your left arm, push down with your right arm and pull with your left foot; sweeping his standing leg and throwing him onto his back.


The most important point is the initial swipe; you must use Rooster thigh bump properly so that opponent's leg flies high enough for you to catch it with your left arm. (Rooster thigh bump is an important Batuque movement, used in several bandas).


Note: In the video, David, who demonstrates the Cruz, weights about 60kg; so it is not so easy for him to support the weight of Zbynek (about 100kg) completely on one leg. However, if your weight is close to the weight of the opponent, you can lift him completely in the air and smash him down on his back.


This banda was completely re-designed in Regional; where 'Cruz' means simply getting under opponent's kicking leg, trapping it on your shoulder and pressing forward to take him down.

However, the original Cruz was done as described; against a firm stance.


Another Cruz by Bimba's students:





















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