Banda cruzada

Cruzada is a banda, a bit similar in principle to Banda de frente.


It uses Tyranosaurus+LightLegs mechanics.

The opponent stands with his right leg forward. Equip LightLegs, put your right shin across his right shin; your knee on the right on his knee, your foot on the left side of his foot; foot pointing directly forward.

Stand on your right foot; while stepping forward with your left foot, foot pointing to your right; until your left knee locks against your right knee from the rear; creating a spring.

Use this spring to lift opponent's right leg into him, unbalancing him to the front.

Then hook your right leg at knee, hooking it rightward, lifting opponent's right foot with the sole of your foot.

This applies a nerve disruptor; and pulls opponent's right leg from underneath him and to the right, sending him falling on his back.


The key to this banda is the spring formed when you step and lock with your left leg against your right leg. This spring does not work without LightLegs.


The second key is that the knee-hooking movement applies a nerve disruptor to the opponent.


The principle of the throw is a bit similar to Banda de frente; in that opponent's front leg is lifted underneath him, and then swept towards his other leg. However, Cruzada throws the opponent using a nerve disruptor.






















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