Banda de costa

This is a simple banda done in Batuque and in old Regional (and probably in old Capoeiragem in general)

Banda de costa as pictured in Bimba's Curso de Capoeira Regional (1965).


Use Eagle mechanics; enter under opponent's right arm, use your right leg to step behind the opponent and across his legs; while you push his the center of his chest with your right palm.

Together, the step cuts opponent's legs from under him and makes him fall flat on his back.


Do not sweep with your right leg; just step down into opponent's legs and into a firm stance.


To make it more powerful, you can arch back as you step into the technique; the more you arch, the harder the throw



After you take the opponent down in front of you, immediately finish him off: Either stomp on his ribs with your right foot; or fall down on him, striking his ribs with your right elbow. (This is a better finish if there is just one opponent); see Banda de frente for details on the falling finish.

You should do that with any banda; but it somehow feels natural for Banda de costa; the opponent is in a perfect position for it; as if it was an integral part of the banda.


This is the true Banda de costa; not the backward sweep usually done today (which is in fact an unfortunatelly modified rear Raspa, see my article on Real banda de costa for details).


Banda de costa was probably not very popular in Carioca (Burlamaqui does not mention it, for instance); because to do it, you need to enter under opponent's arm, which is not easy in a fight. It is more suitable for Batuque. However, if you can enter under opponent's arm, go for it (and don't forget the finish).





















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