Dourada in another standing banda used in leg-wrestling games. It is applied with you right leg against opponent's front - left - leg.


Here is how you do it:

Move close to the opponent; use Seduction1 mechanics to produce a wave from your pelvis down to the right toes. This is a high-energy point("Haaa!")

Your right side of pelvis bumps opponent's left hip from the front, forcing him to take a little hop backward; as his front leg is off the ground, you sweep it from the front with the inside of your right foot using the same wave.

The opponent falls forward.


The pelvis bump makes the opponent jump backward onto his front foot; but before he can land on it, you sweep it away (to his rear), so he falls directly forward.


This banda needs opponent's weight to be more on his front leg; if he is on his back legs, you must sweep a lot deeper (or the technique fails altogether).


Mestre Decanio refers to Dourada being used in old Regional; I was unable to determine if it is the same banda; it is however probable.





















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