Dourado is a low takedown that is applied against opponent's on-guard stance; a guard-breaker.

The proper mechanic archetype for this takedown is Leopard+Seduction1.

The opponent has his left side towards you. The takedown itself has two phases:

1. Start very close to the opponent; lock your right shin across opponent's left shin; clasping it from the side, your knee from the front and your ankle from the back. At the same time, arch your hips and chest to the maximum, pushing opponent's left leg towards his right leg.

Continue pushing with your pelvis into the opponent; as you slide forward underneath your opponent like a chock; falling backward on both hands at the same time; lifting his front(left) leg. This is a high-energy point("Chuuu!")

The goal of this first phase is to lift opponent's front leg underneath him with your right knee so he only stands on his rear heel.

2. To finish, shout "Ffff!" (another high-energy point); jumping off your left leg, twisting to the right and lifting with your right leg, causing both opponent's legs to be lifted so he falls on his back. This is quite a hard fall.



The whole vocalization during the technique is "ChuuFfff!"

The vocalization helps you apply the force in a proper way during the technique (by regulating the breathing, and thus the movement of the core). For more information, see my article on high-energy points in my book on Kusanku kata.


Dourada is an interesting takedown. It is not a sweep; the similarity with Low rasteira or Corta capim is purely coincidental.

The principle is that you lock opponent's leg with your leg; first unbalancing him on this leg, then lifting both his legs and tilting him backward.


- Don't forget to keep your hips arched for the whole duration of the first part

- Burlamaqui(1928) calls this technique 'Dourado'

- As noted, Dourado is not executed against an attack, but against opponent's on-guard stance.



















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