Duas meia lua num lugar só


This is an interesting takedown used in old Bahian Capoeira; probably named 'Duas meia lua num lugar só' (Double half-moon in one place).


It cannot be used without LightLegs.

Equip LightLegs, squat on your left leg, drop down on your left arm and swing your right leg leftward, crossing it in front of your left leg. Use your right foot/calf to hit the outer side of opponent's left calf. This is a high-energy point("Haa!").

Done properly, this applies a nerve strangle, making the opponent dizzy and weak and preparing him for the finish.

Immediately, squat on your right leg, prop on your right arm and swing your left leg rightward, crossing it in front of your right leg. Use your left foot/calf to hit the outer side of opponent's right calf. This is a high-energy point("Hi!")

Done properly, this throws the opponent on the ground.


This is not a power throw; what throws the opponent down is precise hit of his calf to apply nerve strangle; then taking advantage of it to fluidly throw him down from the other side.


Principially, this technique is similar to Cariocas low techniques such as Calço, Thesoura or Rabo de arraia; it also works by creating a nerve strangle by hitting opponent's calf with your leg.


This technique can be seen in the video of Querido de Deus:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjvOunvvQJ0  (0:01)

and is one of the techniques forbidden by Mestre Pastinha.



















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