External slap


This is a simple but very important hand technique of old Capoeira Carioca; an External slap.

(An External slap done from the 'Voadora' evasion)


However, it must be done using the right mechanics - which is Eagle+Seduction1. In modern capoeira, a similar slap is done using Tiger archetype. This is wrong; it is a completely different technique with a different effect.

For a proper external slap, have your right leg forward; reach behind you (not above!) with your right palm;and slap forward using Eagle+Seduction1.

There are two main targets: Opponent's left ear, and his left eye.

Both targets produce nerve disruption; but additionally, you can rupture opponent's eardrum if you target his ear.

You can also slap opponent's stomach; this also produces a nerve disruption.


- The technique is used as a jab, stunning the opponent and preparing him for further attacks. (But again, to work properly, it must be done using Eagle+Seduction1).

- For the technique to work properly, you must slap with the hand that is on the side of your front leg.

- In old materials, it is called Tapona, Lamparina, Tapa, Bofetada etc.

- There is a internal version of the slap which we will discuss later.

- The Tiger version does not produce nerve disruption; and so it is completely unfit for our purposes. It does not even damage the eardrum.

- Moreover, because it does not have Seduction1 modificator, it is not as quick. (See my works on capoeiragem tactics for details).

- This technique might seem simplistic, even naive - bah, just a slap! But in reality, it must be considered a key weapon and trained in all seriousness.

First, mechanically: Doing it with the proper mechanics, Eagle+Seduction1.

Second, tactically: Jabs are very important in a real combat capoeira; they allow the fighter to produce a quick nerve disruption in the opponent, and use it to attack with a harder technique.

In fact, many technique that should be set up with jabs are done without them in modern capoeira; thus making them unusable in real combat.

Modern capoeira does not use jabs not because capoeiragem did not have them; but because modern capoeira is flawed.

And no, you cannot replace a true jab with some half-assed palm thrusts or punches, as modern capoeiristas like to do. These do not cause nerve disruption; and so are just eyewash.

- Tactically, External slap can be used either as a jab; or as a counter, from the Voadora evasion





















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