Eye fork


This is one of the original Capoeira Carioca hand techniques. It is used to jab opponent's eyes and set him up for a more powerful shot.

The hand form used is 'Miss Ho hand' (see my works on Zui Pa Sien): Your thumb and middle finger are clasped together, the rest of fingers are loose.

Your index finger and ring finger are used to jab opponent's eyes.

Throw the jab quickly and fluidly using Seduction1 modificator, palm facing upward.


When opponent's eyes are hit, it produces a nerve disruption; setting the opponent up for a more powerful (but not as quick) shot.

Your fingers are soft in this technique, so it is very improbable you will do any damage to his eyes.


Carioca eye fork differs from the common self-defence eye poke (done with the V of index finger and middle finger):

The eye fork is done using Seduction1 modificator, in a soft, flicking motion; its objective is not to damage opponent's eyes, but to cause a nerve disruption, thus setting him up for a follow-up attack.

(On the contrary, the common eye poke is stiff and easy to block or evade).


The fork works as a boxing jab. Later, we will see how is it used in the context of Carioca tactical scheme.




















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