Falling back throw


This is a very judo-like throw that is depicted in Pederneiras (1926) - Carioca; but also used in Querido de deus video (1936) - old Bahian capoeira.


Pederneiras, 1926


When you are grabbed on the chest with both hands, equip Snake+LightLegs; then start falling back and shout "Haaa!". This will apply a nerve strangle to the opponent, and he will have trouble letting go of your shirt for a moment!
Take advantage of it and fall on your back into a sort of Negativa position; twisting to your right and using your right leg to support opponent's stomach to throw him over you.

Old Bahian capoeira

In old Bahian capoeira, the same throw is done from a Chamada: Do the Chamada with your hands clasped with his hands, arms upward. After inducting sleep in the opponent, again fall on your back and throw him over you using your extended leg(Snake+LightLegs). If you shout "Haa!" as you fall back, he will have trouble letting go.


The throw is relatively straightforward; but the key trick to it is using the correct mechanics (LightLegs) and nerve strangle("Haa!") to prevent the opponent from letting go of you as you fall on your back and throw him.


















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