Flying tesoura

This is an interesting type of flying scissors, probably used in older Capoeiragem.

The technique uses LightLegs (Dragon+LightLegs, with Seduction1 added for the final part); without LightLegs, it cannot be done.

Start from opponent's front. Equip LightLegs, step out with your left leg, swing your right leg up. Then jump onto the opponent with both legs together; your right leg curls around the left side of opponent's waist, as your left foot hooks behind his left knee; this way, you staple yourself to his body.

Finish by twisting rightward and reaching with both your arms to the ground; shouting "Ho!" as you do it. (This is a Seduction1 movement)

This is a nerve disruptor; it weakens opponent's nerves so he cannot keep standing. Keep twisting him rightward with your legs until he falls down on his back.



- The key to the technique is the nerve disruptor; done by reaching with your arms, twisting and shouting "Ho!" This is an odd kind of positional disruptor.

- This is one of these techniques that just do not work without LightLegs(others being calcanheiras, pantanas,41s and co). That is probably the main reason you do not see them much (or at all).

- Flying tesoura is a banda(ie not a guard breaker, neither a counter)

- If you do this technique from a Negaca, you must wrap your left leg around his leg much deeper. It also creates a nerve strangle that way, so the opponent goes down harder.






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