Internal slap

This is another hand technique of old Carioca. It is similar to the External slap, but done internally.


Stand with your left leg forward. With your right hand, reach upward and then using Eagle+Seduction1 mechanics, slap leftward and down in an arc.

The target is either opponent's right eye; or his mouth. Both targets produce a nerve disruption.

(Additionally, you can hit opponent's stomach; also producing a nerve disruption).


For the technique to work, it must be done from the side of the back leg (unlike External slap that is done on the side of the front leg).


This technique is a jab; used to set up a more powerful shot.

It hits opponent's right eye; unlike the External slap, which would hit his left eye.


- The internal slap is a lot more usable than the external one because it can be done from the rear leg from Peneiracao position; unlike External slap, which has to be done with one leg forward

- Tactically, internal slap can be either done as a jab(from Peneiracao); or as a counter, from Queda de tres and Resistencia when you evade opponent's attack.

- In Coelho Netto(1928), Internal slap is called 'Bolacha tapa olho' (Big cookie covers eye) for eye slap and 'Bolacha beiço arriba' (Big cookie kisses the top) for mouth slap.


(Internal slap thrown from Peneiracao)

(Internal slap thrown from a partial Queda de tres evade)


When standing, the jabs must be done according to the leg in front:
-External slap, Backhand jab, Elbow jab, Uppercut jab - same side forward
-Internal slap - other side forward
-Eye fork - any side forward! that is why this is so good




















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