Joelhada is a knee strike of the old Carioca.

However, this is not just a simple knee lift, as seen in other martial arts! This is a quite complicated technique, mechanics-wise.


It is thrown in a slightly curved way, using Monkey+LightLegs+Seduction1 mechanics.

The opponent is in front of you. Equip LightLegs; and use Monkey+Seduction1 to throw a slightly hopping, inward curving strike with the tip of your knee into his bladder.

This is a high-energy point("Haaaa!").

This is an organ crusher(bladder); if it hits, it also takes the opponent down.


You must use the correct mechanics and trajectory to throw a proper Joelhada.


As with Pontape, this is a dangerous strike; you can seriously hurt the opponent.


Joelhada is usually used as a guard-breaker; ie against opponent's on-guard stance.


If the opponent is bent over, you can also strike his head with Joelhada. This is a knockout strike (if you use the proper mechanics and vocalization).



















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