Double leg cabeçada

This cabeçada is similar in principle to the Tiger Cabeçada solta; but it uses a leg grab and a different archetype.

(The Double leg cabeçada on an old engraving; notice the weapon in opponent's hand)


This techniques uses Monkey archetype.

Block the back of opponent's knees with your hands (your arms straight, use the little finger sides of hands to block), as you throw a headbutt with the top of your head into his stomach.

This takes the opponent down onto his back



This cabeçada is similar to the Tiger solta; however, it uses a different archetype - Monkey; and as a result, you block the back of opponent's knees with your hands.
Also, the target are is a bit lower; while Tiger solta hits solar plexus, this one goes lower to the stomach area.


Keep your arms straight as you block his legs; do not pull them towards you.


As with Tiger solta, the main impact of this technique is against the ground as the opponent falls flat on his back.


As with Tiger solta, this cabeçada has an interesting feature - the moment your head strikes opponent's stomach, it locks his arms to the sides, so he cannot attack you with an edged weapon. This makes this technique usable against weapons; as you can see on the picture, where the capoeira uses Monkey cabeçada against an opponent with a razor in his hand.

There is another interesting thing about this cabeçada: When you block opponent's knees from behind as shown, the opponent cannot throw a knee (try it!); because the moment he tries to lift his leg, it causes a nerve disruption in him. Thus you are guarded against knees strikes for most of the duration of this technique.


Compared with the Tiger cabeçada to the solar plexus (solta), this technique is safer; as the opponent cannot dissolve your cabeçada by moving backward because you are blocking his legs.

However, the Tiger solta is faster; so you trade safety for speed.

As for opponent's knees:  Both cabeçadas guard you against knee strikes; in Tiger solta, you can block them with your arms mechanically; in Monkey cabeçada, you are protected with nerve disruptor when you block his legs. However, still, there is a small window where he could knee you.

It is alluring to use this cabeçada as an attack; however, do not do so; it could were easily turn against you when you are chasing opponent's legs with your arms. Instead use it as you would use Tiger solta; ie when the opponent moves towards you to attack; as a counter or from a Negaca.






















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