Lifting banda

Lifting banda is unique in that unlike in other bandas, you actually grab and hold the opponent with your arm. It is a very important banda in Batuque.


Use Eagle mechanics; stand close to the opponent, a bit to his left to hug the back of his waist with your right arm, pulling him towards yourseft.
Then lift your right leg and use your right hip to press upward against the side of his left hip; lifting him upward.

Finally, add Seduction1 to tilt your pelvis upward, tilting the opponent rightward in the air and letting go with your arm to drop him on his back.


For maximum power, squat on your standing leg and jump into the banda, using LightLegs. This gives the lift great power and height.


In Batuque, Lifting banda is used against 'banda solta', a position where opponent has one leg lifted and stands on the other leg.

In capoeiragem, you can similarly use it against opponent's kick; using Lifting banda against opponent's standing leg results in a spectacular throw.


Lifting banda was very important in the game scheme of Batuque; for details, read my article on Batuque tactics.

It was also called 'bau'; but this is a different technique from our Bau (see the article).

It is also possible that 'banda solta' originally meant the Lifting banda itself; only later it was transfered to the position against which it was usually applied.




















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