Low rasteira


This is a low variation of the Rasteira,as done in old Carioca.

 (Caricature from Kalixto, 1906)

It is similar to Corta capim, but it enters from the front against the opponent; unlike Corta that goes from the side.

The opponent is standing, and you take his front leg from the rear. It can be used both from the inside and the outside.

The mechanics is the same as standing Rasteira; first pull using Snake, then throw using Crane.

Hook opponent's front left leg with you right leg from the outside and pull sideways with Snake, putting his weight on the leg; support yourself on your left hand.

Then jump backward onto both hands and lift your leg with Crane. The opponent is thrown onto his back.


Note how in the throwing part, you jump and pull the body backward onto your hands (Crane). This is the characteristic posture depicted on Kalixto's drawing.


Tactically, Low rasteira is used as a counter; ie when the opponent attacks, you evade and throw him.

Unlike standing Rasteira that lacks evasion; and so is mostly used as a guard-breaker.



















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